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"Pretty Tasty!" Sooooo… this is pretty much the way Big Boss rolls. 

Paramedic: “I know, I know. You’re probably going to ask what it tastes like.”



"okay lets hope this is the right giant egg this time and that it wont hatch another snake that EATS ALL MY RATIONS" (this really happens)

"come on hatch faster im not a goddamn hen"

"theeere we go"

"oh look a fully grown adult owl came out of it! how convenient. now hoot!"



"i cant believe this fucking worked"

also snake kept the owl until he was set on fire by gray fox

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  • Black Ninja: It's... it's me... Schneider, Kyle Schneider. Remember me?
  • Snake: Schneider? ...You were in the Resistance at Outer Heaven! But... I thought they killed you!
  • Black Ninja: You've still got a lot to learn, Snake. I was almost killed, but not by them. By you, and your country.
  • Snake: What are you saying, Schneider?
  • Black Ninja: ...Snake, after you destroyed Metal Gear, NATO launched a massive bombing campaign against Outer Heaven. All of us Resistance fighters...and the children of Outer Heaven...they didn't care about any of us. There was no escape from the flames... They died like animals in a cage.
  • Snake: I... can't believe this...
  • Black Ninja: Think about it. The children of Outer Heaven were originally was orphans and refugees from all over the world. They were a liability... and NATO didn't want to deal with them...
  • Snake: ...No...
  • Black Ninja: You're no different. They'll forget about you, too... But he wasn't like them...
  • Snake: Who....?
  • Black Ninja: He came... and saved us from annihilation. He forgave us for what we'd done. He gave us a new land to call home... A new family...
  • Snake: He did...? You mean...
  • Black Ninja: Snake, you'll understand soon... what a wonderful man he is.
  • ***
  • Snake: Then it was Metal Gear that attacked the nuke disposal sites...
  • Dr. Madnar: Precisely. Metal Gear is a nuclear-equipped walking tank. Its true power is unleashed only when it is armed with nuclear weapons. Zanzibar Land now has the only nukes in the world. And now they have their sights set on OILIX, a miracle energy source. Snake... Now that you know all this, perhaps you can guess who is behind it...?
  • Snake: Big... Boss?!
  • Dr. Madnar: The very same! With Metal Gear and OILEX, he plots to rule the world. We cannot let the secret of OILEX fall into his hands! Science is not meant to be used only for killing. Marv's will is strong, but his heart is weak. We must hurry! I don't know how long he can withstand their torture.
  • ***
  • Kid: The one-eyed man is like our daddy. He doesn't like grown-ups.
  • ***
  • Kid: The one-eyed man said we shouldn't go against the current. He said you can see lots of new things, if you just go along with the flow... Do you know what he meant?
  • ***
  • Campbell: Snake! Big Boss is no longer your CO! He's just another madman! Got that? Put aside your personal feelings. Stay focused! You can't afford to lose this battle! There's nothing more we can do for you.
  • ***
  • Master Miller: Snake, that guy is a monster. You can't beat him with just your fists. Use your head! Isn't there something you can use as a weapon?
  • ***
  • Kasler: Big Boss...There's not a mercenary in the world who hasn't heard of him. He's a like a god, a living legend.
  • Snake: I already know all that! I need new information!
  • Kasler: OK, OK... but this is only a rumor, understand? Three years ago, when Outer Heaven fell, Big Boss was seriously wounded. He almost died...He lost both hands, both feet, his right eye, and his right ear. But somehow... he survived.Then an Eastern bloc despot took an interest in him. Probably couldn't resist getting his hands on a soldier of Big Boss's caliber. They decided to use Big Boss as a guinea pig for Madnar's Snatcher project. I don't know the details, but apparently it involved turning him into a cyborg. Now he's half man and half machine. Hard to believe, I know. But if it's true, Snake, you're way out of you're league. None of techniques is going to do so much as put a scratch on him. Snake... give it up... There's no way you can win this time...
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Countdown to Ground Zeroes (For North America): Day 5 (Big Boss)

So, this ended up being… rushed. (Just do me a solid––after today, pretend that this never happened.)

The good news, though, is that we’re almost there people! Coming up in the next four days: Some of my (Br)OTPs!

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Remember this day, men, for it will be yours for all time

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New Metal Gear Solid V screens and artwork from Game Informer Part 1